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The company of renowned interior based on Indonesian art and culture, Bali Arts Center provides interior set up from the simplest thing to the most important thing to beautify your home. We offer everyone who desires to refurbish your indoor and outdoor with the magical sense of exotic art and culture of Indonesia. As we know, Indonesia situated in a very wide range of tropical zone, formed by many islands in it make the country rich of art and culture.

We do all magnificence interior to suit your home, both indoor and outdoor based on the sense of the rich art and culture of Indonesia. Whether Balinese or Javanese, we represent the exotic Indonesian art and culture in our products. We also do the minimalist designed furniture and warehouse also other design from all over the world. The material we chose is in the best quality to get the best result of interior we provide for you.  The material of rattan, bronze, wood, tusk, etc made the furniture to be kind of antique and exotic interior.

We offer brilliant idea in the detail of the design of indoor interior such as mirror, stool, lamp and many others and also offer you to decorate the outdoor of yours through our fabulous product. Our product also appropriate for hospitality service, so find many glamour but ethnic Villa, Hotel, Restaurant and SPA accessories here.

Since there are no doubt of our ability in making our product mentioned especially the Indonesian handicraft, we will be very grateful if you have your reliance to our company. It is our purpose to maintain our culture through the art and culture then share it with you and to the world. Keep your everlasting trust to us!

For your info previously, the name of the company was Bali Craft Center, then on 8th October, 2015, it was changed into Bali Arts Center.

* Please call in advance via phone or email if you would like to visit our place. Thank you.